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MAI Crafted, Build creations from your Imagination

Available Now! App Store – iPhone & iPad MAI

Available now to download. Imagine, create and build amazing worlds. Share creations with other players.   Interact with animals. Defend yourself against zombie attacks. The possibilities are endless..

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Free Play mode, allows players to create amazing worlds, castles, villages, monuments and explore them. Share – Upload & Download user builds.

Stunningly, beautiful HD graphics across all devices. Over 30 building blocks to choose from and use in your creations. Plus+ Special Blocks.

Mission Mode sets challenges for players to build and explore possibilities of MAI game. Preview Create & Time Set challenges add new element.

Battle Zombies in Survival Mode. Create shelters to defend yourself against wave attacks. Use TNT Explosive & Special blocks to defend yourself.

Interact with Animals located around the world. Some are dangerous and will attack if threatened, while others warm and follow their new owners.

Available Now on Apple App Store – iPhone, iPhone 5, iPad Mini & HD. More devices coming. Don’t miss the chance to get this awesome app!

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